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We’re building an ecosystem that supports progressive causes across our state. We do this by identifying and recruiting candidates in key races in Florida, and ensuring that they have the tools they need to be successful. We also do this by registering voters and turning them out to support progressive causes.

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Floridians stand united in wanting a better life for themselves and their families.

Instead of focusing on issues that affect everyday Floridians, the GOP and Governor DeSantis play politics and are only focused on keeping power at all cost. Instead of playing politics, we need to start helping our community by providing economic justice, racial and gender equality, climate justice, and basic science-based COVID guidance. Too many Floridians are losing faith in the political process, and we need to re-engage them and restore their faith in government. We start to re-energize Floridians by actually talking about the issues that matter to them most and setting the stage for bold policy change. The only way we can be effective is by talking to voters and ensuring our goals reflect voters’ real-life experiences and embrace all walks of life.

We must also expose the GOP’s hateful populist views that solely seek to appeal to their base while alienating the most vulnerable people in America. All this happens while the GOP lines up the pockets of the rich and powerful and forgets about everyday Floridians. The only way we stop this is by developing a playbook to respond to hateful and nonsensical attacks and policies that do nothing to advance the interests of the people. Once we effectively hold the GOP accountable for their reckless actions, we can create a path forward towards change. Inspired by Stacey Abrams, our plan is designed to engage our progressive base, persuade the middle, and alienate the opposition— regardless of their currently declared party affiliation. But we can’t just engage frequent voters; we must expand Florida’s electorate by reaching newly registered and people who don’t vote across the state.

Together, we can start to win elections again and create real change that will deliver for the people of Florida.

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